HELLO! IM Karina

24 years old, Denver, Colorado native. Not only a full-time photographer but also an educator to tiny humans. A dog mom to two dogs, a Rottie and a German-Shepard Terrier Mix. Two seriously CRAZY dogs, lol.

AND not to mention BI-LINGUAL. (yep, I speak fluent Spanish)
proud to be Ecuadorian and Guatemalan :)

When I was growing up I spent way too much time 'getting ready' in the mornings just to take a selfie, I would use 'pic-monkey' (an old editing software) to add 'blur' in the background and who knew one day I would understand what the word BOKEH meant and how specific lenses make your BOKEH pop. & if ya don't know what Bokeh means it's basically a blurred background :) and well let's just say it all started there. 

My favorite things are: Jesus, Cold Brew, Family, a good home cooked meal made by my mom, and a laundry-free zone. 

A little about me






I wanna say my journey has been a long one but I am sure many people had a long journey with photography so I won't tell ya about my first camera this time. 

I strongly believe in embracing dissonance. 

Dissonance means: lack of harmony 

I learned about this during my teaching career and it reminds me a lot of embracing what we don't know. The truth is, there is A LOT that we don't know or that we can't control. I quickly think of weather and how that can quickly affect photographs. While you may think I mean "it ruins photos" I actually mean "heck yes let it rain."

I say this with the most grace, but weather changes, things change but we will capture some darn good photos together. Rain or shine (while being safe of course) 

Go on the wild adventure with me and don't worry about the gray cloud above us (yes while I love the sun, I also love clouds.) 


My philosophy is: embrace dissonance and give grace.

What inspires me


My mom has boxes of photographs but specifically she also has old cookie tin jar with photographs in them and let me tell you looking through them is seriously nostalgic and hands down amazing. Photographs from before I was born of my parents looking like straight hipsters! As well as photos of them with friends some whom I have met and some who I didn't; but they can point them out and there is always a story to tell.

My mom also has VHS tapes of me completely embarrassing myself as well as super super shaky videos of us standing in the Buzz Lighter ride at Disney World, lol. 

To keep it short because I can seriously talk about my mom forever on how amazing she is to hold onto all of these photos - the point is that these photos share endless stories. Stories that she has lived on to tell me. 

That Royal Dansk cookie box comes out every now and then and we sit there and go through those photos time and time again regardless of how many times we have already done that and I can always see the smile on my parents' face when we do so. 

I hope that some day the photographs I have taken make it into someone's Royal Dansk cookie jar and only hope that great smiles and laughter come out when reliving them. 

My mom has a tin cookie box (Royal Dansk to be exact) and that is what inspires me. 



1st thing first, weather changes ALLLL the time. Especially here in Colorado! I used to worry when I saw a gray cloud because I was afraid it would rain on your session/wedding. Here's the thing I wasn't worried for myself. I can deal with rain etc. (while being safe, of course) I would worry about you worrying!! lol.. but rain can be beautiful in your photos trust me. I love the people who are down for the adventure rain or shine! Now... WIND... I love wind, haha. You might be worried about your hair but i'm secretly loving it because I want it to be blowing... the photos are AMAZINGGGG. I got you! 

I am ready for all these things all these scenarios, I promise my only worry is not making you happy. I am always trying to make you happy. :D It's YOUR day. 

 I am going to be turning up after one too many coffees, buzzing with energy to capture one of the most important, memorable days in your life! 


Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat. I'm your girl! I got ya.



+Cold brew, windows down, 70 degrees, worship music, on my way to tjmaxx with my mom. (if I don't have a session) now that's my jam right there. 

+ I do love love to shop and if you put my mom and I together at any store lets just say damage is going to be done, lol. 

+ I am a plain type of girl, plain salad (yup no dressings) plain cheeseburger, plain hot dog, yup basically plain everything. Why ruin something that's already perfect? hahaha. 

+ My parents met in NYC and for that but also many other reasons I sincerely love NYC so hey if you wanna get married in NYC let me know and I am there in a heartbeat!!!!!!! 

+ No matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. Maybe we share a lot of similarities but we won't know until ya reach out ;) 

Jesus, coffee, my dogs, teaching, traveling, rings, worship music, shopping w/ my mom, Hiking w/ my dad, windows down, carbs, tjmaxx, lemonade, and the list could go on. 

Karina Asitimbay

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